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The "Who I am" Project!

Why fit in when you were born to stand out!--Dr. Seuss

This quote is the foundation upon which my "Who I Am" project is being built! For the tween/pre-teen child, the struggle with approaching young adulthood can be weird, cumbersome, and down right confusing. They are no longer toddlers, but they are still children. They are finding their way, making a voice, and developing personalities all at the same time. Their bodies are changing, their styles are blossoming, and their interactions with others are evolving. Struggling with "Who am I?" can be stressful but showing them that who they are is fascinating, unique, and priceless doesn't need to be stressful. This is where the "Who I Am" project comes into play...showing them! These precious years fly by and documenting your tween/pre-teen in a manner that reflects his or her personality during this time is something that I would be honored to do. Babies and toddlers get their time; seniors get their time; tweens deserve their time!

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